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With food prices increasing at a higher than average rate, consumers are feeling the impact every week when shopping for groceries and household goods. Learn tips and tricks to reduce your grocery budget and save money on everyday items. 


Genealogy Series: Using Maps for Genealogical Research


Maps can be a rich resource for genealogical research. Not only do some maps show names of the property owners and help us confirm time and place, but they can also give depth and context to our ancestor’s lives at a local level. Join us for a look at some of our favorite collections, including the library’s new subscription to the Proquest Sanborn Maps collection.



Genealogy Series: 1950 Census Deep Dive


The 1950 Census was released on April 1st, but is currently being indexed. We’ll share skills on how to navigate and search the census using maps and browsing capabilities. We’ll also cross reference other census years to see what each decade has to offer. If you’re curious about the 1950 census or if it’s been a while since you’ve looked closely at the history of the U.S. Census, this is for you!


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